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Cover Letter Creation, Resume Revamp & Interview Preparation

Cover Letter Creation, Resume Revamp & Interview Preparation

Excluding GST/HST

 A new cover letter and resume will connect you to your dream career. Using the Precisely Careers method, my clients are able to secure their dream roles. 


Cover Letter Creation + Resume Revamp Package Details: 

  • Use industry-specific language to curate documents
  • Ensure proper sentence flow
  • Craft documents free from grammatical and spelling errors
  • Highlight your most valuable skills


You've been selected for an interview. Great news! Now comes the nerves and the overthinking. Let me help you show up as your best self with interview prep using the Precisely Careers method. 


Interview Preparation Package Details:

  • 1 hour mock interview via Zoom
  • Develop interview questions & scenarios
  • Assist in creating quality answers
  • Watch body language and provide feedback
  • Receive the recording of your session for review
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