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4 Questions To Ask During a Job Interview

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Your resume was selected, and you are onto the first found of interviews. The interviewer asks, "do you have any questions for me?" Your response," No, I don't have any questions."

Pro tip: you should always prepare questions for the interview. As much as they are trying to determine if you are a good fit, you are trying to decide whether you want to work for their company.

Interviewers also want to know that you are curious about their company.

Depending on the level you are interviewing at ( Assistant, Coordinator, Specialist, Manager, Director etc.) will depend on how many questions you ask. But a general guideline is to ask at least 3 questions.

1. What can I expect during the first 90 days?

The interviewer should be able to communicate how you (the candidate) will successfully pass the probationary period. They should outline your first deliverable by the end of 90 days. This question will also give you an idea of what types of projects you will be working on.

2. Why did this role become vacant?

This question can determine if there are any red flags within the department or company. Why is that? If your predecessors were promoted after three months, great news! If they all resigned after three months, you also want to know.

3. What strengths would the ideal candidate have?

After the interviewer responds, this is a time for you (the candidate) to reiterate your strengths and why you are the ideal candidate for the role.

4. I have read the 5-year strategic plan, how does this role push the goals of the organization forward?

If you want to "wow" the interview panel, conduct a deep dive into their website. Read a few of their recent reports, media releases, and research projects, learn about their clients, read recent posts on their LinkedIn accounts and see if they were mentioned in the news. Then figure out a way to weave this in during the interview.

Other Questions you can ask

  • What is the process for performance evaluations?

  • Who does this position report to?

  • How does the company support professional development?

  • What types of software does this company use? ( Asana, Trello, BambooHR, Yardi, Notion, Slack, Microsoft Teams, MailChimp etc.)

  • Can you describe the company culture?

  • What is something you ( the interviewer) enjoy about working with the company?

  • How many people are on the team?

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